nft (scene iv)

rose tree in benchakitti

rose gardens and cigarettes.
the stopped truck is full of leaves smelling like sap.
rose gardens and cigarettes.
a thimble of words propped on a tiny finger.
rose gardens and cigarettes. for outdoor kissing sunday mornings
rocks and spare socks. rose gardens and cigarettes.

highway 86 in franktown

naked art is life being plugged in to the fuel of fire. colorful anti-war songs a wholeness easier to navigate. the gradient of the beach sand embraces the shore.


giesing in munich

sex and snow. a roadmap to intimacy is as good as any. 25 cents meets the true self and requires me to listen. the monks chant their rounds my whole flavor in subtle harmonies. the blue assumption of getting into the pants of poems is continuous spiritual fulfillment.

rose tree in benchakitti

these black eyes are little red books.
rose gardens and cigarettes.
lets walk back in the cumulous clouds. the landscape
slaps us like butter.
rose gardens and cigarettes.


hutong in beijing

tame things have no immensity.


bear in estes park

alice wants to love blue letters passed between feathers.

blossoms in jeju

a fuckable visiting poem in dynamic balance. everyone hugs as I try to think of not dropping the flower. try to take care of this space, a true self bare and as good as perfect grace.  


pikes peak in colorado

with a crayon that circles her eyes.
until you speak the dance people are cheering
as you try on your person’s socks
a bridge of sky
silk screen portraits cannot forget a word in a child’s mouth
sixty : ‘how do you know when its finished’


blue in franktown

the neighbors hear a march
sixty love letters putting on socks of a lullaby