nfts (scene I)

each nft comes with a description from the actual location the picture was taken.

each nft also contains a part of a poem. the purchase allows access to the full book.

voice and music will accompany the nfts.

soon I will add the direct plugins. these are presently on open sea.

the project has just begun so the evolution of the nfts will evolve as the poems do.

nft holders will also be privileged to the final edited creation.

this is a project in motion and is apt to changes.

the beginning

colorado in november


portrait in bangkok

strauße münchen

krabi monkey in shrine

ashoka petals appear over the traffic lights.  overgrown the green tips are stained yellow. true laughter reads your hands in the mirror. 

framed puzzle in talad noi

existence woven in every memory energy joy of love. I got there & chickened out but then when I came back got the courage to ask these grungy rockers. our birthright. I walked two hours with my violin on my back along the coast. I’m gladdening my heart. that sunset was on my way to a gig in bali.

kulturstrand der urbanauten in münchen

we eat the ordinary like a seal you send off with a letter

now you are the broken seal

the soul eternal but the letter untethered

street art in talad noi

invitation of inverted splendor. my uncle was an opera singer on suspended canvas that spun and sang when we pulled it along like a wound metal music box. soil soft & rich. there was a war we knew of only from the airplanes making crocheted trails from steam engines across the sky. with you seeds we knew not until the dense landed. fully awake & so we listened to opera. peaceful and interconnected for another month.

butterly in bundang

I miss having his body next to mine without the need for language. I dont want any other.

tattoo street art in munich

all the slips say I love you to the trains

a scarf is a goal post to grow into

we practice restraint. if the body could speak

with conviction, all would be fine. you will

need all the fairy tales to make it out of here.

meditation orchid in bangkok

theres no lying. a certain way perennials candle into balloons

the soft dust whistles

housed voice of angles

affirmed, the dark matter maddens

a face I put together.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      moth in sathorn

connect on the level of being. and I was so happy to have your boat and skin rising chest next to me. deeply listen connect with heart. and you showed me these plans you had while she fluttered in and out. reality in the other person for what cannot reveal.

hawkmoth in bangkok

reality in the other person for what cannot reveal. the baby grand that had a hidden compartment inside that turned into a shower area beneath the floors like something you would find on a space ship or a boat. what they cannot say you hear. the tattooed coy on your left foot.

magnolia tree in public park

I miss having his body next to mine without the need for language. I dont want any other. I miss him dearly when my world seems to be crumbling around me. my poems were better when he was fucking me. & supported.

tumblingerstraße in munich

each action is born out of intention : unlimited draw or pull : true self : purpose : home : what do I want : why do I want that : peace love whole : san culpa : intention : I am

butter to my bread in grand postal building

listening. to an open file on sandwiches. ears mind heart. my lips brushed against your shoulder. Heart. Heart. a file came up and the feeling was the flat I almost rented. intimacy of two souls. old dj producer in winter vintage sexy. I am fully present with myself and others. and then we got hungry and we sat next to each other and talked about sandwiches. connect on the level of being.