nft (scene vi)

street art mural in penang

bones of a red moment


frieze in angkor wat

the willows are luminous, lit

laughter in a flower pulse.


performance in angkor wat

should we float in the quiet night.

or hold one another long enough to fill

a stadium.


street art in penang

creased in the river

she smiles in cherry rows.


portrait in colorado

repetition is in the art of a photocopy

of a photocopy


temple in angkor wat

should we sit with all the sounds and fit them

into boxes.


street art mural in penang

say that. kneel

to someone who makes the rain a story.

tree in angkor wat

we carve long letters into the trees

here every sun has been a different sun.


love lane in penang

I cant forget his face

one line from mine.


kids playing football in temple

a song wallet fallen in time. join me

would you could you. do this