nft (scene III)

drain cover in phuket

this soft whistling way is the power for change. there was a motorcycle crash. the noise of a terrible power. true self untouched. crunchy rumble. seeds only sprouting on fertile ground.

seoul park in seoul

I wanted to be an art collector close to the museum. a couple spinning or a small boy vast large and black in white print. so easy and beautiful and around the best company.

bedroom butterfly in munich

it’s a candid interview what do you want to talk about.

i’ll talk about anything.

if you died tomorrow my heart could be a ponder.

he called her a victim and my heart

. ( went out.

acts mean close to patterns

of a feathered blouse.

when grace notes

music seeps out.

street art in talad noi

they seemed to think it was funny. he flew off into an icy lake. I was horrified as they practiced singing. the wild thing. the boundary between self and other was lowered. my love doesn’t need to hide in the epilogue. comfortable to here and now there is you. I am like a dove composed like them, eros my soul is not a pigeon.

luitpoldpark in munich

I had broken a door and had to take a motor taxi strapped in tape on the back. we were in the country and they told me it would take 16 hours to reach our destination. by finding this in ourselves we found this to be true so I turned around the same. wholeness land anew.

castlewood canyon state park in colorado

yesterday: heard understood & appreciate is grace & movement. just even more yesterday was his kiss & laughter & fucking me.

today: he made love to me when I was very sad and felt very alone.