nft (scene II)

vacation in koh samed

against the greyness, fresh and dewy

inside me, pleasure         particulars

falling through the secretly sexy satin spar of stone.

my mom in franktown

sketch with ALS

tumblingerstraße in munich

what is the diagonal of brandy  

a cherry kiss she finally let go he finds me so quickly

I restring the intimate coral cuffs of links

partner geode in munich

double & bones I need the rugged and dark, worn to sand

kisses my lower lip

blindfolded pink bee – hip to the drum.

temple in yangon

I lick the un-nouned boots

folded hands adjusted in an envelope

resting on the dusted yellow dress of the lap.

chandelier in talad noi

as usual the business of the blends display their faithful copper plates

& speculate miracles

the body feels feathers of a bare sound